Product Focus: Interactive Mapping

By The Business Analyst Team


MondoBrain just announced the upcoming availability of a new mapping feature within their Enterprise Augmented Intelligence (EAI) platform. So what does this mean to you?

Many of our clients are involving location data in their decision making... B2B and B2C customer analysis, sales territories, real estate inventory, retail locations, supply chain and shipping logistics, and more. Understanding the variables attached to these geo-locations is often critical in charting the right course for their organizations. However, location data provides some unique challenges in EAI.

Unlike standard Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Augmented Intelligence seeks to involve both human and collective intelligence in the decision-making process. This means MondoBrain must do more than just deal with data. It must connect with humans. It must describe potential solutions in ways that make it ever easier for us to visualize key dynamics at work and better understand the differences between various options going forward.

This is why the new mapping feature is a solid step forward in fulfilling the vision of EAI. By visually representing geographic data via dynamic maps, MondoBrain will now allow decision makers and their supporting teams to interact with their data and interpret answers in a much more intuitive way.

Are your team’s KPI’s impacted by geolocation data? Contact us to set up an advanced demo so you can be one of the first to check out the new feature set. And stay tuned, as we will be making map-centric case studies available soon.