What Is EAI?

Enterprise Augmented Intelligence (EAI) is the ability to effectively integrate human, collective and artificial intelligence to optimize decision making - at scale - across the enterprise.

The EAI revolution isn’t coming. It’s already here. The only question is: how quickly will you enable your team to leverage the power of augmented intelligence to maximize their KPIs? MondoBrain delivers the advanced tools needed to get started today. How? By bringing together the three critical ingredients of Enterprise Augmented Intelligence into a single solution.


Human Intelligence

EAI isn't about automating the role of employees. Rather, it’s about augmenting their domain expertise to power better decision making at scale. MondoBrain takes a human-centric approach to AI that enables business users across the enterprise to impact every line of the organization’s P&L.


Collective Intelligence

The best decision-making rarely happens in a vacuum. EAI goes beyond simply enabling AI for individuals, it must enable collaboration and buy-in of stakeholders and subject-matter experts from multiple levels and perspectives. MondoBrain is designed to enable collective intelligence as a core part of the decision making process.


Artificial Intelligence

Whereas many AI initiatives require significant commitments of time, technical expertise and corporate resources, EAI must move at the speed of business. This is why MondoBrain was created to enable teams to respond to changes and quickly answer an iterative series of questions in real time to make timely, evidence-based decisions.