Solutions for Retail

There is no shortage of data in the consumer space. Often the missing link is in enabling the right people to effectively analyze this data at the right time in order to make the myriad decisions that impact brand health, customer experience, sales, inventory, and margin. Across each function that works with KPI’s from designers to store managers, MondoBrain provides the on-demand AI needed to make better decisions throughout the brand value chain, including the manufacturing digitalization. By analyzing any data, coming from any sources - internal (from the brand-to-customer interactions into the omni-channel experience) and external or by combining them. We are able to work on all retailer KPI's including manufacturing, quality warranties, real estate, HR (employee retention), finance and fraud.

Examples Include:

Merchandising .png


MondoBrain gives merchandising managers the ability to quickly make more informed decisions on product assortment, inventory levels, and pricing strategies needed to make significant impact in sales, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Customer Insight Analysis.png

Customer Insight Analysis / Promotional Planning

The ability to identify affinity items and related subcategories for specific customers and segments has become critical in the consumer world. MondoBrain delivers the on-demand AI needed to analyze customer data from various touchpoints for both planning and real-time decisions with direct impact on profit margin.

Store Operations .png

Store Operations / Loss Prevention

Store managers are constantly trying to analyze buying trends, evaluate promotion success, optimize labor costs, minimize inventory losses and benchmark their performance against their peers. MondoBrain gives them the ability to analyze sales, staffing, inventory, and customer information to make smarter, real-time decisions across each of these areas including inventory loss from fraud, employee error, or theft.

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Distribution Center Operations / Supply Chain

With so much of the customer experience relying on accurate and lightning-fast delivery, e-commerce and omnichannel retailers continually seek opportunities to remove delays and inefficiency from both their distribution centers and key supply chain partners. MondoBrain enables real-time KPI management such as invoice accuracy, on-time deliveries, order fulfillment rates, shipping costs, supplier delivery times, percent of truck capacity used, driver performance and many more.