Solutions for Manufacturing

How do you improve the efficiency and quality of production processes that are already running rather well? How do you defend and even increase your market share when new competition can emerge from anywhere in the world? MondoBrain is designed to help manufacturers solve challenges and elevate good performance into even greater execution.

Examples include:


Orders and Shipment

Fulfillment lead times of customer quotes and orders often have a significant impact on sales and customer satisfaction. MondoBrain is enabling production managers to reduce delivery time for quotes and orders by monitoring actual lead times, enforcing business rules, adding triggers to ward off potential issues before they become customer problems.

Supply Chain Management .png

Supply Chain Management

Both make-to-order and make-to-inventory businesses rely on end-to-end supply chain management to deliver margins, quality, and customer satisfaction. MondoBrain gives you the ability to manage supplier performance and to identify potential problems and bottlenecks before they become critical issues.

Operations Analysis.png

Operations Analysis

How will changes in budgeting, labor costs, materials, or inventory affect overall operations? How can you progressively narrow the gap between your current production KPI’s and your targets? MondoBrain is helping plant managers to identify connections across complex production environments to solve tough challenges and optimize production performance.

Cost Management .png

Cost Management / Inventory Control

Complex supply chains make for complex cost and inventory control. MondoBrain allows decision makers to analyze data from disparate sources and run simulations to model how variable costs (fuel, labor) could impact the bottom line. Furthermore, managers are able to align supply and demand by running hypothetical scenarios and forecasting demand based on historical information and trends.