Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare facilities face enormous complexity, continuously compounded by changing regulations and economic models. Managers across the organization must be equipped with access to the right data and the on-demand analytics needed to make optimal decisions. The benefit MondoBrain brings: improved cash flow, greater efficiency, and better patient experience.

Examples include:

Revenue Cycle Optimization .png

Revenue Cycle Optimization

With over 20% of US hospitals operating at a net loss, AI-augmented optimization of revenue cycles can make a dramatic impact. MondoBrain enables quick response to disruptions in claims and reimbursements but also uncovers systematic causes of delays that can dramatically improve claims processes.

Hospital Operations.png

Hospital Operations

Medical centers must continually balance variable demand and capacity. Underestimating appointment and procedure volumes creates stress on staff and patients while overcapacity leads to unnecessary cost. MondoBrain is giving healthcare facilities the ability to make highly responsive decisions needed to minimize patient wait times, optimize hospital resources, and proactively prepare for emergency visits.

Doctor  Staff Performance.png

Doctor / Staff Performance

Optimized doctor and staff performance has a direct impact on costs and patient outcomes. MondoBrain is enabling effective evaluation of physician and other staff behaviors to detect anomalies, benchmark performance against best practices and objectives, and highlight areas for improvement.