Solutions for Finance

Profitability in the financial sector is under pressure from lower interest rates, volatile markets and more informed and sophisticated customers. In addition, growing regulatory demands are increasing operating costs associated with compliance. And while financial organizations have always looked to augment their decision making with data analysis, MondoBrain takes these capabilities to the next level with greater speed, efficiency, and transparency.

Examples include:


Accounting and Finance

Financial leaders need constant access to performance management and financial reporting in order to run the business. Yet KPI monitoring isn't enough. MondoBrain is giving decision-makers the ability to quickly dive into the numbers to understand WHY things are happening and assess how they should respond.


Consumer Finance & Retail Banking

The dramatic rise in banking options for consumers has placed new demands on each level of the retail banking and consumer finance sector. From corporate teams to individual branch managers, MondoBrain is the secret weapon in developing the right products for the right clients, preventing fraud, putting in place the right strategies to recover the bad clients, selecting the right marketing strategies, identifying cross-selling opportunities, being compliant with BCE (Banque centrale européenne) and analyzing your performance.


Asset Management and Servicing

Wealth advisors need more than just access to market and customer investments. They need the ability to analyze that data to make better decisions. With MondoBrain, wealth advisors track and analyze markets and portfolios to deliver superior service to clients.


Compliance and Audit

Managing risk is one of the top priorities of most financial organizations. MondoBrain is automating & reducing compliance risk incidents related to key banking processes such as KYC, AML, fraud, complaints, and legal compliance ensuring operational transparency, and reducing operating costs.