Why MondoBrain?

Why are so many organizations choosing MondoBrain? No other solution has been so effectively designed to enable an EAI vision. As organizations increasingly evolve to collaborative, evidence-based decision making with augmented intelligence at scale, the requirements for any viable EAI solution comes into focus. To deliver, an EAI solution must be powerful, fast and easy to use.

Easy To Use

  • Usability by business users without handholding of internal analytics department.
  • Explainable, prescriptive AI vs. “black box” predictions.
  • Available product AND solution support - does not increase the burden on internal analytics teams or rack up massive consulting fees.
  • Flexible enough to add value to teams across each business unit and business function.

On Demand

  • Monitors KPI’s in real time and with custom alert messages to managers.
  • Provides on-demand answers to changing data AND questions.
  • Ability to deploy in days/weeks not months/quarters.


  • Designed to answer the question “WHY” change is happening to inform “WHAT TO DO” next.
  • Ability to explore “WHAT IF” scenarios.
  • Enables collaboration (both synchronously and asynchronously)
  • Auditable trail for compliance, management visibility.
  • Simplifies the connection to internal data systems and automates data processing.
  • Can deal with incomplete datasets.
  • Works with different types of data.. continuous, discrete, dates, time series, geo tags, etc
  • Avoids the need for massive amounts of historical, labeled data for training and testing.