The KPI Manager

MondoBrain’s KPI Manager is designed to provide a universal, hierarchical view of each actionable KPI required to manage your organization, business unit or team. From here you can not only monitor the changes in key business metrics, you also quickly gain insight into how your managers are responding and which decisions they are making.


Focus on Actionable Metrics

While there is no end to the variety of business metrics you can track, we help organizations, teams, and individual managers focus on the metrics that are most closely tied to their sphere of influence.

Visualize Relationships Between KPIs

MondoBrain helps clarify connections between KPI’s even at a high level via it’s “KPI Tree” structure.

Manage in Real Time

Customized alerts ensure you know when your business metrics are moving - up or down. This enables you to make more timely decisions and course correct before problems arise.

Understand Your Team’s Response

With a single click, you can see who is taking action, how they are involving colleagues and what decisions they are making.

Dive Deeper:

Each KPI “tile” is connected to a full, intelligent dashboard, available for full analysis available with a single click.