Intelligent Dashboards

Need to understand your KPI’s better? Ask MondoBrain.

Intelligent dashboards enable decision makers to dive deeper into each KPI to understand important factors, explore scenarios, analyze segments, identify outliers and much more.

Business users “Ask MondoBrain” questions, such as…

  • “Given our current constraints, how should we align the variables we can impact to optimize our performance?”
  • “How can we find the best balance between two conflicting requirements?”
  • “Which step in our process is causing the bottleneck?”
  • “How should we proceed differently in one geographic region versus another?”

When given each of these questions, MondoBrain uses its powerful AI engine to deliver the most robust, reliable answer. By iterating through different scenarios and comparing findings with colleagues, managers are consistently able to optimize their insight and decision making.


Ask MondoBrain

Launches the evaluation of trillions of possibilities to provide the best, most robust recommendation to optimize your targeted KPI.

Artificial Intelligence

Setting variables to “AI” allows MondoBrain to fully evaluate how this variable could (or could not) be used to drive optimized results.

Human Intelligence

Setting enables decision makers to add constraints for MondoBrain to work within explore relationships and simulate scenarios using their own experience and knowledge.

Collective Intelligence

Benefit from the perspective of colleagues around the organization by sharing scenarios and incorporating their feedback.

Intuitive Color Coding

You don’t have to be a data scientist to understand the relative strength of MondoBrain’s recommendations. Simply follow the color coding: Blue = your current reference result. Red = a weak recommendation. Green = a robust, strong recommendation.