The EAI Decision-Making Suite

Empower your decision makers to fully leverage their data.

In order to optimize decision making and consistently achieve higher performance metrics across the enterprise, your managers need more than intuition and experience. In fact, they need more than simply the ability to "see" their data. They need the power to analyze the “why” behind business dynamics in real time. They need the ability to identify exceptions to ward off emerging issues before they become larger problems. And they need to seamlessly tap into the collective expertise of their colleagues to benefit from multiple perspectives.

Only MondoBrain combines data visualization, on-demand AI, and collaborative tools into a single solution needed to drive better decision making across each function and at each level of the organization.

Our Products & Services

The MondoBrain solution is comprised of three major facets designed to deliver easy-to-use, powerful, and on-demand AI with a minimum time to deployment.


KPI Manager

Monitor and manage KPI’s across your organization, business unit or team in real-time


Intelligent Dashboards

Leverage powerful AI and collaborative perspective to understand the why and what-ifs around performance decisions.


Data Services

Connect to the data sources with the right frequency, assign user rights and set up alerts to get started painlessly and quickly.


How To Get Started

Meet with us to better understand the power of Enterprise Augmented Intelligence and how MondoBrain can dramatically impact performance decision-making in your organization. Once you’re ready to start, we simply focus, connect, assign, and launch.

  1. Focus: Actionable KPI’s To Manage Across Your Organization
  2. Connect: Data Sources
  3. Assign: Roles and Alerts
  4. Launch: Manage KPI’s and Track ROI