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MondoBrain supports

MondoBrain supports

Master Quality / Yield / Maintenance

Master Price Elasticity / Mix Marketing

Master Risk / Customer Behaviour / early Diagnosis


Decision making is the most critical step of any organization. It relies on managers experience, knowledge, vision, dashboards, background, and ability to team work. MondoBrain digitalizes and enhances decision making. It enables any decision maker, either technical or business, to simplify, rationalize, identify best practices specific to each particular situation, and leverage all the knowledge and experience of the company for each decision.

MondoBrain is the ultimate convergence of Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, KISS Design and Cloud Computing, made deceptively simple in a one page Visual Interface. It enables instant decision simulation, evaluation of decision robustness and impact, recommendation of best practices and optimal settings. Decisions can be shared, enhanced and balanced with other departments and experts. It even tracks decision's performance and impact in time.

Critical Decisions should be:

       - simulated and quantified

             - augmented with the best of past experience thanks to artificial intelligence

                   - adjusted to each specific situation

                         - shared and enhanced, in deceptively simple Visual Interface

                               - tracked to measure their impact and to be adjusted

                                     - transparent and traced throughout the organization

                              This is what MondoBrain platform provides

Digitize Decisions

Discover the first Augmented Intelligence Solution. Get the best of each decision of your managers and SMEs on every KPI. Increase your Revenue, Reduce your Cost and Improve your Customer Satisfaction now. Just Ask MondoBrain !

What is Augmented Intelligence? - Boost Sales

What is Augmented Intelligence? - Master Quality

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MondoBrain wins 2017

Louis Vuitton Innovation Award

Every decision maker can now become a citizen data scientist and get smart recommendation to improve their KPIs by AI.

The ultimate convergence between Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualisation and Expert System for operational managers.

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